Lucas Everett

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I am a front-end developer who lives in Nashville. I love writing code and am seeking an exciting opportunity where I can employ my extensive skillset while learning new things.

What have I been doing?

In my most recent role, as a Digital Content Specialist at Acxiom, I wrote HTML for email campaigns, and I also deployed them. Many of the campaigns I worked on were deployed to nearly two million people. Email development is vastly different than web development because once you've clicked the send button you can't take it back. Quality has to be ensured before launching a campaign.

A large part of my job was slicing Photoshop compositions and turning them into working emails or webpages. In order to ensure that emails rendered the same on all platforms, I used Litmus and Email on Acid for QA before launching a campaign.

In order to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors, I created JavaScript-based tools for my teams using AngularJS and Node.js. One of the tools utilizes MomentJS to convert foreign time zones to local time, reducing the possibility of launch-time errors. Another is a tool that extracts valid email addresses from a pasted block of text and returns a comma-delimted list of those addresses in alphabetical order. Both of these tools are still being used by Acxiom associates internationally.

What is my background?

Prior to working at Acxiom I attended Middle Tennessee State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. There were many classes that I found interesting, such as my film history and video production classes, but my favorite classes were in relational database design and advanced database development. Because I'm eager to solve problems, I love the challenges faced in both database design and database development.

The tools used in web development rapidly change, and that is one of the reasons I love it so much. I'm always researching and learning new things to find new ways to solve problems.

One of my current interests is RESTful API development using the MEAN stack. Babel is a part of my build process to take advantage of ES2015 syntax by transpiling for compatibility. While I've used Grunt and Gulp for building, I'm currently using Webpack and NPM scripts in my projects and find that preferable.

  • Expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Proficient at PSD to HTML conversion
  • Knowledge of relational databases and SQL
  • Adept at clearly communicating technical information
  • Analytical, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills
  • Comfortable working alone or with a team

What are my qualifications?

Advanced coursework in web and database development, along with professional experience, have enabled me to write cross-platform and cross-browser compatible HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using whatever tools are neccessary. I live at the forefront of new technology and love learning new and better ways to do things.

Bachelor of Science, Middle Tennessee State University
Graduated: August 2014
GPA: 3.46/4.0
Relevant Coursework: Database Design and Web Development